​​​​​​​1️⃣ Figgy: Dark Mode + More for Figma
🌘 Best dark mode for Figma - super duper meticulously themed.
🔥 Fresh new app icon designed to look great in your Dock.
🖥 Native Mac system fonts - including the monotype for code snippets!
🗂 Native macOS tabs - robust, reliable system UI.
🌱 Quality of life changes - better menus / buttons, more readable text.
🧩 Works with all plugins - unfortunately they are not themeable.
🆓 Did I mention it is completely free?
Version 1.6・59MB・11 March 2020​​​​​​​
Built with Nativefier. Special thanks to LTL for laying the groundwork of this tweak.
2️⃣ macOS App Icon Template for Sketch
Judy's Carrot Pen & Notepad from Zootopia 📝🐰🦊
100% created in Sketch. Not for commercial use.
3️⃣ Themes for Twitterrific
Super simple dark and light themes for Twitterrific (iOS & macOS).
Learn more about custom themes here.
Twitterrific is developed and sold by the Iconfactory, Inc. I do not own any rights to their logos or intellectual properties.

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