1️⃣ Figgy: Dark Mode + More for Figma
🌘 Best dark mode for Figma - super duper meticulously themed.
🔥 Fresh new app icon designed to look great in your Dock.
🖥 Native Mac system fonts - including the monotype for code snippets!
🌱 Quality of life changes - better menus / buttons, more readable text.
🧩 Works with all plugins - unfortunately they are not themeable.

⚠️ Figgy does NOT support Google sign in or Zeplin because of its architecture. Please use regular email log in.
🗂 A previous version of Figgy had native macOS tabs support. It has since been removed but I'm looking into restoring it. Please do not buy Figgy if that's what you're looking for. Thanks!
Version 1.6・59MB・11 March 2020​​​​​​​
Built with Nativefier. Special thanks to LTL for laying the groundwork of this tweak.
2️⃣ Quirby: Mac App for Instagram
A native Mac app with automated dark mode and Direct Message.
Version 2.0・70MB・12 April 2020​​​​​​​
3️⃣ macOS App Icon Template for Sketch
Judy's Carrot Pen & Notepad from Zootopia 📝🐰🦊
100% created in Sketch. Not for commercial use.
4️⃣ iMessage sticker pack
Featured by Apple in the App Store with favorable press coverage and over 10k users. Every sticker in this pack was animated to be expressive. A lot of thoughts went into the creation - incorporating a wide spectrum of emotions and a bright color palette. Really fun side project!
5️⃣ Themes for Twitterrific
Super simple dark and light themes for Twitterrific (iOS & macOS).
Learn more about custom themes here.
Twitterrific is developed and sold by the Iconfactory, Inc. I do not own any rights to their logos or intellectual properties.

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